Friday, 17 October 2014

Friday Favourites

friday favourites, fake fur, kawaii fashion
Hands Scarf  –  Resin Bangle  –  Cat Bag
Pink High Heels  –  Bunny Hat  –  Pompom Knit Beanie
Fake Fur Jacket  –  Phone Bag  –  Shoes with Hands  –  Cat Dungarees

And finally, after a long week, the moment you all anticipated is here: It's Friday, yay! Here is something to keep you pink & happy.

Every now and then, somebody declares that either orange, gray or blue is the new black. I don't think there is such a thing as one colour replacing a colour, but pink has been my personal black for quite a while. I recently love to combine different shades together, and I just love my pink hair. I can't imagine to be blond again at the moment. I'm rather a pink candy floss from head to toe, dream a fluffy fake fur, surreal accessories and everything fluffy and cute.

I am very excited for the weekend; there are shoots planed and I am excited to prepare my next giveaway for you. Stay tuned, the secret will soon be revealed. I just love to bring a little bit of cuteness into your life. Happy weekend lovelies!

Please don't forget to tell me, what you like best from my favourites!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Yummy, Yummy: Doughnuts with Sprinkles

I Love Crafty, donut jewellery, kawaii look
I swear, it wasn't me who ate all the doughnuts.
Pink look, desire clothing uk, quay eye ware kitti
How could a pink girl ever lie to you?
I love crafty, donut necklace, doughnut jewellery
There is just no reason to eat them, when you can wear them.
I love crafty, donut ring, doughnut jewellery
My perfect doughnut needs sprinkles. Always.
i love crafty, lilac feather bag, how to combine neon
Because sprinkles go so well with dots, I love them even more.
i love crafty, donut bakery, donut jewellery
Yummy necklace and collar tips: A winning team.
i love crafty, donut jewellery, pink bob hair style
Headbang in pink, this is how I roll!
desire clothing uk, fluffy bag, neon tshirt
Don't just look at things from one side, the back is important as well.
I love crafty, donut jewellery, kawaii accessories
Another thing sweets and jewellery have in common: They both come in the cutest boxes.
timberland, boots, 2014
New boots to start the autumn, I am ready for rain puddles and piles of leaves on my path.

What does Homer Simpson love more than anything else on earth? The one and only answer is not his family, his job, his neighbours or his sofa, but Doughnuts! Forget about cronuts they are a strange modern invention, only real doughnuts will do!

The sweet round rings mean the universe to Homer and so do they to my look of the day. My doughnuts are fresh from the I Love Crafty bakery. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have spotted them there; they caused quite a stir. No wonder, because they are even better than real sugar bombs: No greasy hands, but the full dose of sprinkles and sweetness. Rings, Necklaces, collar tips and bangles and all in different designs (or shall I say flavours?) make a decision very tough if you visit the I Love Crafty store. So the best might be to do it like Homer: Take them all!

My neon love, which started in the last outfit post, continues. This time with a top from Desire Clothing and nearly neon coloured hair. For once, I wear black boots, I bet something you didn't see on me for a long time. I just loved the quality, and simple style of those shoes and I can wear them with nearly everything. Even a colour explosion girl like me is now and then comfortable with something that suits every look. While I don't have to loose sleep over what shoes to wear, there is time to focus on other things: Let's say doughnuts!

How do you like this look lovelies?

My Outfit: 
Top: Desire Clothing, Skirt: American Apparel, Shoes: Timberland, Necklace, Ring and Collar Tips: I Love Crafty, Sunglasses: Quay Eyeware, Tights: H&M, Bag: River Island

Thanks to Desire Clothing for the top and to I Love Crafty for the jewellery.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Lovely Label: Simone Devine

Simone Devine, resin jewellery, statement jewellery
Simone Devine, Made in Australia, Resin jewellery
Simone Devine, Handmade jewellery, resin jewellery
Simone Devine, Resin Jewellery, Made in Australia
Simone Devine, Resin Jewellery, Made in Australia

Simone Devine is the eclectic Sydney based label by the duo Simone and Scott. They create and handcraft modern resin jewellery and beautiful vases. Their geometric-shaped and bright statement jewellery turns even the most boring everyday looks instantly into something special. Every one of their pieces is unique and therefore a precious treasure you won't miss again.

Interview with the designer

Hello Simone, tell me a little bit about how and when you started to design jewellery.
Hello! We started one year and a half ago so it's still a relatively new business. It wasn't planned or even preconceived. My boyfriend was working as a surfboard shaper, and I was a visual merchandiser. One night he just said, "I'd like to do something more intricate with my resin skills.", so I suggested, expecting rejection, "What about jewellery?". He replied "Ok, design something." which was a surprise, but a very welcomed one.

You work together as a team with your boyfriend. How do you collaborate? Do you have a special diversion of responsibilities?
Although we do share a lot of the responsibilities and designing, there are some things that are completed individually. For example, I like selling our products, so that's something I do. Scott works with the resin because it's something he is very good at. Some things are better suited or more enjoyed by just one of us.

All your pieces are made of resin. What is your fascination with this material and why is it the perfect choice?
Well, I guess it first started out of convenience as Scott already knew how to work with it. Then as we established our aesthetic it became an integral part of what we create. Colour is an essential component of our designs, and the medium resin helps to capture this.

On your blog, you share inspiration of how to style your jewellery. What would be your dream look to go with your favourite piece?
Something quiet maximalist I think. Although I love how a bright bangle or necklace can set off a more simple outfit, I find it far more interesting when the look is bold and expressive.

How would you describe the importance of accessories for a look?
My best friend once told me "You ARE accessories" because they are always the most important component of any of my outfits. I think accessories can make you feel incredible in a way that is quiet different to clothes. You could practically wear the same outfit every day but by adding different shoes or jewellery you completely personalise the look. I also feel people are prepared to take more risks aesthetically (and I guess physically, when it comes to some shoes) when choosing their accessories. I've sold both clothes and jewellery to women, and I can certainly see a distinct difference in the two; jewellery always makes you feel better when you put it on.

Tell me about three things that inspired you recently.
Leopard Print: It is a common theme in my wardrobe, but not usually an inspiration. We have just created a necklace in ode to the iconic print.
Pink Glitter: I can't get enough of the stuff.
Turquoise: This colour is so refreshing.

Do you have idols who inspire you?
I am most inspired by clever people who look like the are enjoying themselves.

Last but not least: If your jewellery would be music, how would it sound?
Like Bryan Ferry.

Visit Simone Devine here and don't forget to follow the label on Facebook.

Copyright of all pictures by Simone Devine.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Neon Palms of Miami

Neon look, tropical prints, desire clothing uk
Neon Palms: A striking print in flashy colours is always a winner.
Alexander Wang sunglasses, Neon Print look, palm print outfit
Cool in Neon: A very urban look against the grey in the city.
Alexander Wang, Linda Farrow, sunglasses
Edgy Cat Eyes: The golden edges are the icing on the cake, don't you agree?
Alexander Wang, Joanna Pybus, Neon look
Monsters at the beach: I couldn't resist wearing my Joanna Pybus monster clutch. It even goes with tropical prints.
Asos, Dollar belt, neon yellow belt
Million Dollar Girl: Because this is what you might need in Miami…
Alexander Wang, neon look, Desire Clothing UK
In love with the bodycon dress: the best piece of clothing to show off your curves and be proud of them.
Hologram shoes, chunky sandals, Desire Clothing Uk
Futuristic Feet: Hologram Shoes for the Science Fiction movie star feeling

Despite my last autumn look, I am back to a summer outfit today. I spent last weekend in a sunny London. The desire to dress to be a walking colour boost is stronger than ever. London always encourages me to be the boldest me I can imagine. Thank you, best place in the world, I love you just so much.

I also went shopping a little at the weekend and bought a few things for winter.  But as long as the weather allows, I'll continue to be your summer girl and stick to my sandals and bare arms. The time for scarves and heavy boots will be long enough. It's good to buy them now and be prepared, but they can stay in the wardrobe for a while.

The current whitish/greyish shade of my hair makes me feel a little bit like an elf. Doesn't it work very well with the bright neons, because of its (almost) absence of colour? It feels edgier than my usual pink hair, especially which those Alexander Wang sunglasses. The lilac hair dye fades even faster than the pink one, and it turns every day into a new shade. Yesterday it was very bluish. I'm going back to pink very soon because my heart just beats for the Barbie colour. But a change is always good, my lovelies. Never stop to change, embrace it and let it carry you away to places better than you could have ever imagined in your dreams!

How do you like this look lovelies?

My Outfit: 
Dress: Desire Clothing, Belt: Asos, Sunglasses: Linda Farrow x Alexander Wang,
Shoes: Desire Clothing, Socks: Topshop, Bangles and Earrings: Serena Kuhl,
Clutch: Joanna Pybus

Thanks to Desire Clothing for the dress and shoes.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Autumn Magic with La Redoute

La Redoute, Autumn Look, Bubblegum Coat
Bubblegum Coat   –  Burgundy Top  –  Lace Skirt
Sequin Bag  –  Pompom Shoes

Let's talk about the magic of autumn! Even if you dream of deleting every season except summer from your calendar (just as I do), you have to admit: There is a certain beauty about autumn. No matter how hard we cling to show a bare midriff and leave the house with naked legs, there comes a time when everything on a girl's mind is to snuggle into a cosy coat. While the leaves fall, the desire for something cosy grows and the need for a perfect autumn look awakes.

So when I was asked by La Redoute Switzerland to style a chic & stylish autumn look, I accepted the challenge. Some of you tell me that they wouldn't dare to wear most of my looks, so I tried to keep this look very wearable to inspire all of you.

The key piece of my look is the coolest bubblegum coat ever. It's is a true investment piece and turns every outfit into an eye-catcher. If I could buy just one piece for autumn, it would be this wool coat. It is designed by Jacquemus, a rising star in the world of French fashion. I'll keep an eye on this label and think this is your chance to buy a true designer piece to a reasonable price.

Since all fashion magazines declare that grey is the colour of the season, this lace skirt is a good choice to go with the dream coat. Nonetheless, I think the city needs some colour, and that's why I suggest adding berry shades, like this casual top. Everything else you need is a touch of glamour provided by the sequin clutch, and there is no way to avoid these pompom shoes. They don't only fit perfectly to the top, but they make girls awe.

There you go – the cutest autumn look in the city is ready!

All items of this look are available at La Redoute. Better hurry, it's already getting colder!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Quirky Geisha

kimono look, flower crown, Quiz Clothing
Greetings from a Geisha: Wearing a kimono and elaborate headwear.
Pearls & Swine, flower crown, huge flower headdress
No need for a golden crown: Flowers beat everything, don't you agree?
Aziza Zina, Quiz Clothing, Etui Bags London
What a mix: Leather and delicate fabric, stone and resin, jelly and cowskin.
pink headdress, flower crown, Pearls & Swine
A bunch of vibrant flowers: don't put them in a vase, your head will do!
tassel kimono, Kate Rohde, Quiz Clothing
Teasing with tassels: Oh how I love them (and the best bangle ever)…
flower print kimono, flower headdress, Quiz Clothing
Mystical colours: Let's call the print of my kimono midnight garden!
Quiz Clothing, kimono street style, Etui Bags London
Every look can do a little bit of pink: All new accessories in my favourite colour.
Etui Bags London, cowskin bag, vintage handbag
Sweet memories: The cowskin of my new bag reminds me of the old-fashioned school backpacks we used to have.
Melissa shoes, pink jelly shoes, pink and blue
Everlasting love: Never say no to a new pair of Melissas (especially not if they are on sale).
Pearls & Swine, flower crown, pink flower headdress
Never be a wallflower: Just wear your crown with pride, wherever you go.
Quiz Clothing, flower print kimono, street style
Show me your back: The best looks are lovely no matter from what angle you look at them.

Do you know that feeling when you put on a very special piece, and you just feel very beautiful immediately – closest to the feeling of being a goddess you ever get? While I don't consider myself as more than average looking, this is what happened when I dressed for this look. The headdress is magic made by the talented hands of my beloved Pearls & Swine, and I fell head over heels for this kimono from Quiz Clothing.

I am playing with the tassels and love how they move in the wind. For once I am even wearing a black dress, do you see? But it wouldn't be me if I wouldn't have mixed it with a lot of colours and quirky accessories.

On days you don't feel good at all, it's a magical weapon to put on an outfit like this. It might change your day. It also inspired me to the spontaneous act of dying my hair lilac. I love the colour; the only disadvantage is that it turns rather blue when it fades. Because of this I'm going to return to my beloved pink very soon, but for today's look the lilac was the final touch to add a mystical note to the look.

What do you think about this look lovelies?

My Outfit: 
Kimono: Quiz Clothing, Dress: Aziza Zina, Flower Crown: Pearls & Swine,
Tights: H&M, Shoes: Melissa, Necklace: Tenebris, Ring: Serena Kuhl,
Bangle: Kate Rohde, Bag: Etui Bags London

Thanks to Quiz Clothing for the kimono.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Friday Favourites

friday favourites, pink, fashion
Unicorn Ring  –  Platform Jelly Shoes  –  Butterfly Silk Scarf
Pink Fur Clutch  –  Metallic Lace Dress  –  Silver High Heels
Hands Bracelet  –  Clear Bubble Backpack
Pink Tassel Earrings  – Ouch Flamingo Plasters

Friday, yay! For this week's Friday Favourites I chose very dreamy things, because I think that's what we need. Dreaming of pink plastic hair, futuristic shoes, fluffy fur and a princess dress makes a girl forget about the hard work life, doesn't it?

I had a little bit a cold the whole week, and this is why I rather spent time at home browsing the net in the evenings, instead of going out. I think my favourites benefited from the extended online time… My plans for the weekend are to continue with making myself comfortable at home. Just me, my computer, a lot of tea and sleep. Probably I'll already look out for my next Friday Favourites, be prepared…

What are your plans for the weekend and how do you like my finds?